I am fighting more than 16 years as an activist performance artist and painter in the field of art and on the streets against environmental pollution and climatechange.

In 2011 I started to make paintings with clear plastic films on top of oilcolour in a recycling process. Only the color still has the shiny surface and wrinkles that are so typical of plastic film and reinvented oil painting. My earliest work developed more into upcycling varying plastic materials in combination with oil colour.

Now I also collect and clean up different plastic waste for my paintings. So you will find plastic on my paintings for 500 YEARS SAFE! 😉

The knowledge of the 21st century is that everything is connected. The north with the south, the east with the west and vice versa. We all share one planet. My conclusion as a longtime environmental artist is: My gallery is the earth!

So the half of all my proceeds goes to organisations and projects that work against pollution and for human rights.